Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello anyone out there?

Hi. It has been about 2 years since Mike and I have posted anything on here so I figured it was about time. Where we left off Mike and I were living in Seattle in my parents basement and Mike was just laid off from the Seattle police department. God is good and faithful to us and it only took two months for Mike to land his dream job working as a water front engineer for BergerABAM. He has had the opportunity to scuba dive and spend hours out on a boat and he has never been happier in a job. This last June '12 we were able to get completely out of debt (the loss of our house in Roseburg hit us hard as it did many people in '09 we ended up having to pay the left over amount that was supost to be forgiven with the shortsale of the house between the bank and our relator we got slaped hard in the face) and move out of my parents house. It was a very exciting day opening all our boxes that had sat for 3 1/2 years. We are living in Tacoma, our apartment is small but it is home. We are hoping to get a house within this next year but the BIG question is WHERE!

The kids are good, D is 9years old and in 3rd grade. He breaks my heart a little everyday with how big he is. We had to get him braces because when he was in KG he bumbed heads with another little boy and it pushed his tooth into the bone making it stuck. So when it came time for the grown up tooth to come in there was no room and it started to come out right below his nose and straight out. Mike and I kinda freaked when we saw the X ray. He has 6 months of his 18months done and he is already talking about all the bubble gum and gummy worms he is going to eat when he gets them off. His eye is doing better we are still doing daily therapy about 3hrs everyday of of drawing playing with cards or patching. It has plateaued at 20/80 but we are hoping that we can still get more improvement out of it. Its hard and its frustrating putting that much time into it and not getting anything out of it. BUT I have to remember where we started at, from 20/600 to 20/80 is HUGE and Im very thankful for that much of an improvement.

A is doing good, she is in KG now and loving it. Her teacher is amazing and we really really LOVE the school. She has her little posse of 4 girls she hangs out with and they are all great kids with amazing familys. She is still as sweet as ever and such a joy to be around.

Both our kids are very involved with our church's awana program. Mike and I both are leaders and we are  blown away weekly by these little hearts that are so on fire for God. A powered through her whole book in just three months 35 bible verses, plus all of the books of the new testament. We were very proud of her. D is doing great also, he moved up to the next group, its been harder but has been doing great. Both kids have kept us busy and our schedules full, its been busy but really fun.

Im doing good, I still haven't opened my shop on etsy.com soon I keep telling my self... soon soon. I tried selling Avon and that was a bust, but I tried and I got some good deals on some fun product so I was happy.
All in all the Dodson's are good, happy, so in love and closer then ever!
Seattle Center

My handsome hubby

Mike doing patch with D. Mike felt bad that he could see the tv just fine so he wore a patch to make it an even race.

at westport

1st day of school

1st day of 3rd grade

at sunrise 

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I hope you are all doing well also thanks for checking out our corner HOPEFULLY I will be better about posting :)     

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Brandi said...

So so so good to see you writing back on the blog. I have had it heavy on my heart to do it again as well, so Maybe you'll see me writing again soon. Love the update. Thanks for sharing!