Saturday, January 6, 2018

Lies Women Believe and...

Recently I was invited to join a women's group at our church to study the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
I have always shied away from women's ministry because I have been burned in the past, and well... women can be very scary. Lets be honest we are not always the nicest to each other.
So no one was more shocked then me when I said yes to attend this group.
Our first meeting I was scared TO DEATH, shaking, and quite. That is SO so not like me at all.

We started out the book and the first few chapters were SUPER convicting. I was shocked at Some of these Lies, things I thought I was solid on. Like Chapter 2 Lies about God.
 Starting out I was thinking,
                            "NAh none of these are me I have a really great view on God"
I was completely blindsided that deep Deep down I believed some serious lies about God, about myself and expectations that I put on my marriage.

It was great to dig down and start to heal from some of the lies that had rooted them selves in my life. Some I had to chase back to my childhood, watching my beloved grandmother loose her mind, me being a small child praying for healing and not understanding Gods timing or his will. I grew bitter and a small part of me started not to trust God that he was truly good. I slowly started to believe that my way was best, and that lead to a lot of self inflicted heartache.  My life is living proof that no heart is too far gone for God to reach!
I NEVER would have seen that lie rooted in my life unless I had done this study and I am very thankful!!

I highly recommenced it to anyone who is looking to do a bible study with other women of faith, it is a great tool to be used alongside the Bible.
BUT if you are leading a group PLEASE do not forget the whole title of the book. It is NOT "lies women believe and should beat each other up about it" WE do that enough already, BUT the title is lies women believe AND THE TRUTH THAT SETS THEM FREE!
PLEASE Spend more time on the truth and NOT on the lies or pin pointing each others lies condemning each other. Maybe as a leader start with the basic truths of our faith and reminding the ladies each time you meet that they are VERY LOVED  don't let your group feel beaten down by the lies, reminded them WHY we are free from those lies!
Always with every book study ALWAYS reference the Bible, ALWAYS!

Don't give up or give in, we are NEVER done learning or growing in our walk with Christ!      

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dereks trip!

Hi guys, PLEASE check out Derek's 8th grade trip page!
:0) Bethany